Together, we can

Build a world where all youth are safe

Devkipatan aims at making "POVERTY FREE INDIA"

We’ve worked on improving the lives of over 25,000 young people through direct practice.
  • To collectively ensure environmental and social justice, human dignity, and respect for human rights and peoples’ rights so as to secure sustainable societies.
  •  To inspire one another and to harness, strengthen and complement each other’s capacities, living the change we wish to see and working together in solidarity.
  •  To secure the empowerment of indigenous peoples, local communities, women, groups and individuals, and to ensure public participation in decision making.
  •  To engage in vibrant campaigns, raise awareness, mobilize people and build alliances with diverse movements, linking grassroots, national and global struggles.
  •  To bring about transformation towards sustainability and equity between and within societies with creative approaches and solutions.
  • (1) Educate people & make them self reliance by providing various vocational courses.
    (2) Value education – disseminate value of caring and sharing.
    (3) Resource to alternative judicial system to address the family grievances of the people.
    (4) Creating legal awareness & imparting legal assistance to needy citizen, to have access to justice and justice to all.